Improve the management, marketing, and monitoring of real estate through an innovative perspective


Drones are being adopted by a broad range of industries for many different uses.

  • Property inspections and surveys
  • Façade inspections 
  • Construction monitoring
  • Infrastructure inspections and surveys
  • Historic and archaeological inspections
  • Ecclesiastical building inspections
  • Mapping
  • Photogrammetry (2D/3D modelling)

Why drones

Drone surveys enable individuals to quickly and confidently make informed decisions for the future of a building.

  • Minimal operational disruption 
  • Improved safety of personnel 
  • Highly efficient and significant data capture
  • Improved protection of buildings as there is usually no need for scaffolding or other access measures.

All of these benefits translate directly to valuable cost saving tools.


  • Our mission is simple; deliver an unbeatable service that is professional, safe, and cost-effective with every take-off and landing.
  • We have been granted authorisation to fly drones in the more restrictive Specific Category of operations, as well as the less restrictive Open A1, A2 and A3 categories.
  • We work directly with highly reputable chartered surveyors and consultants, enabling us to translate our inspections into comprehensive and valuable building condition reports. 

Clear To Fly

We are proud to be approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority to operate across several categories of drone operations. 


Every drone survey flight is conducted by appropriately skilled and qualified UAS pilots.

  • We have received Operational Authorisation from the CAA
  • All surveys and flights are subject to the Air Navigation Order (ANO), Civil Aviation Publications (CAPs) and byelaws.
  • Air Traffic Control clearance will be obtained if required
  • All surveys are risked assessed prior to acceptance
  • LAS has £2M public liability cover in accordance with EC regulation 785/2004. This can be increased if necessary.

How we do it

We approach every drone survey with a comprehensive planning process:


  • Determine client brief
  • Flight planning and risk assessments
  • Obtain permissions from relevant authorities 


  • Site based surveys and risk assessments 
  • Carry out survey 


  • Distribute images and videos
  • Generate 3D models, maps or anything else!

Trusted supply chain

The benefits of drones are great in the short term, but even greater in the long term.

Working collaboratively, we can determine routine services that will bring all the benefits of drone technology into your wider business activities. Drone services are very well tailored to:

  • Building surveyors
  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Property Developers
  • Housing Associations

We are happy working among a team of stake holders as a trusted member of your supply chain.

Recent Clients


Our operators are permitted to fly in the Open and Specific category, having obtained the A2 Certificate of Competency, General Visual Line of Sight (GVC) certification and Operational Authorisation from the CAA.

We have demonstrated the highest standards in safety, operation and an understanding of UK airspace laws and general professional practice in the following areas:

  • Practical flight skills
  • Pre-site and on-site safety assessments
  • Operating principles and air laws
  • Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) general knowledge
  • Airspace, airmanship and aviation safety
  • Aerodrome restrictions

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