Aerial Building Condition Survey

We are one of the few drone service providers in London and the South East who can deliver comprehensive and valuable condition reports for the full envelope of a building. 

Qualified and Experienced Chartered Surveyors

We have teamed up with well-established and respected RICS registered Chartered Building Surveying practices based in London.

This enables us to deliver a full end-to-end service for our clients, which is above the capability of most UAV service providers in the UK. 

What is a Condition Survey Report?

The purpose of a building condition report is to identify any existing defects in properties and structures, to help you understand the extent of future works that may be required. Our consultants are independent and provide straightforward reports which will give you confidence in your property or structure. 

Full Building Envelope

The use of drones means that we can provide detailed condition survey reports for the full external envelope of a building, which otherwise may not have been possible.

This includes facades, roofs, eaves, parapets, gutters, valleys, antennas, satellites and generally all high level areas of a building or structure. 

RICS Home Surveys

If you are considering a RICS home survey, then using a drone will provide you with invaluable and highly detailed data which otherwise may not have been visible from the ground. We are able to plan, co-ordinate and execute drone flights which feed into detailed RICS Home Surveys provided by one of our consultants.


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